Development Projects

Research and Technology development projects and consultancies implemented as a principal investigator

  1. Productivity and feeding value of Lablab purpureus cv Rongai (MSc Thesis) (World Bank- 1994-1996).
  2. Calliandra calothyrsus and Lablab purpureus as a dry season protein supplements for dairy cattle in Mpigi and Wakiso districts, Uganda (Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment, Macknight)- 1999-2000
  3. Improving feed resources availability on smallholder dairy farms in Kasenge parish, Mukono district (FARMESA (Farm Level applied Research Methods in Eastern and South Africa)/SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) -1999-2002)
  4. Improving forage seed production in Uganda (Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Industry/World Bank- 2000-2002).
  5. Technical Review of Agricultural Training and Technology Transfer to Farmers: Agricultural Sector Programme Support (ASPS)/Scanagri Denmark A/S/DANIDA- 20th September 2002 to 18th October 2002.
  6. Introduction of improved techniques of feed resource utilization on smallholder dairy farms in Masaka district (DANIDA -2001-2002)
  7. Ecological and Economic evaluation of fodder bank technologies in Mbale and Jinja districts (DANIDA and World Bank-2003-2004).
  8. Effect of incorporating forage legumes in intensive smallholder dairy farming systems on feed availability and animal performance (DANIDA/World Bank 2001-2003).
  9. Testing Fodder bank technologies with farmers in Lira and Mbarara districts (World Bank – 2003)
  10. Research and Development on indigenous fodder trees and shrubs in Uganda. (National Agricultural Research Organization/ICRAF/RELMA), July-August 2004.
  11. Improving pig production and local chicken in Wakiso district (World Bank- 2002-2004)
  12. Improving local poultry in Seguku village (World Bank, 2005/Wakiso district).
  13. Production of a farmers’ manual on “The use indigenous fodder trees and shrubs in goat production. Livestock Production Programme (LPP)/DFID(UK)
  14. Business plan for a mixed farm for the Christian Outreach Ministries in Uganda. Funded by Unites States of America Christian Ministries.
  15. Develop a feeding regime for dairy goats in Mbale, Sironko and Manafwa districts. FARM Africa (November to December 2005). (US $ 10,000)
  16. An innovative approach for enhancing adoption of fodder conservation technologies by smallholder dairy farmers in Masaka district (2004-2007) (US $ 50,000)
  17. Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpruem) Stunting Disease Control/Management Strategy in Uganda (DANIDA/World Bank/NARO/MAAIF) 2006-2009 (US$ 90,000)
  18. Project 7 [FS – B]: Integrated Nutrient Management Strategies for Sustainable Crop- Livestock Production Systems in the Eastern and Central Africa Region (ASARECA/AARNET), 2006-2008 (US$ 90,000)
  19. Improving marketing and utilization of conserved forages in ECA region (ASARECA/AARNET), 2007-2010. (US$ 90,000)
  20. Enhancing adoption of fodder banks and forage conservation technologies in Soroti and Manafwa districts (EZCF), 2006-2010. (US$ 50,000)
  21. Advancing Agroforestry Research and Development through Training and Education in Kabale and Mukono districts (The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), 2007-2010.
  22. Napier grass smut and stunt resistance in East and Central Africa (Ethiopia; Kenya; Tanzania, Uganda and Rothamsted Research. UK) (ASARECA- US $ 595,000; 2007- 2010).ASARECA Project- US $ 590,000
  23. Contributing to the basic understanding and management of Napier stunt disease in Uganda. Millennium Science Initiative/Uganda National Council of Science and Technology (US $ 249,000)
  24. Crop-Livestock Integration for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Building Livestock Resilience in East and Central Africa (Regional project- Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi) (US$ 420,000) Farmers’ books and manuals published.

Output from PhD study (2003-2009)

  1. Dairy cattle and forage management on smallholder dairy farms in Uganda (translated into Ateso, Luo, Runyakitara and Luganda), 7000 copies were distributed to stakeholders 2004-2006.
  2. Forage management and utilisation: A handbook for dairy farmers
  3. Guidelines to proper forage establishment, management and forage seed production for dairy farmers in Uganda.
  4. Lablab and Siratro seed production for smallholder dairy farmers.
  5. How to produce good forages.
  6. Use of maize stover/lablab residues as a dry season feed for dairy cattle
  7. Elephant grass/legume mixtures as feed resources for dairy cattle
  8. Importance of record keeping on dairy farms
  9. Use of homemade concentrates and mineral blocks in dairy cattle production
  10. Lablab fodder production, management, conservation and utilization
  11. Calliandra fodder production, conservation and utilization
  12. Homemade Molasses mineral blocks

Farmer manuals

  1. Kabirizi, J. and Ejobi, E. 2005. Indigenous fodder trees and shrubs as feed resources for goats in Uganda (Funded by DFID/LPP)
  2. Kabirizi, J. and Mutetikka, D. 2006. Feeding Calendar Guidelines for Dairy Goats in Mbale, Manafwa and Sironko districts Uganda (FARM Africa/NARO/Makerere University)
  3. Sikosana, J. L. N.; Kabirizi, J.; Ejobi, F.; Mohamed Mujaffar Hossain; Babu Banstola and Shrestha. H.K.2006. The importance of indigenous tree pods/fruits in goat diets: A Training manual for extension and livestock development workers. (Agricultural Research Extension, Zimbabwe; National Agricultural Research Organization; Makerere University; Bangladesh Agricultural University; NR International; Livestock Production Programme/UK). This was an output from project ZC0305 of the Livestock production Programme (LPP) of the UK Department for International Development (DFID).
  4. Revised version of “Watch Out for a New Napier grass disease”. The manual was translated into 5 local languages.

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