Success Story1

Nakayiki Rose, Chairperson, Butale Balunzi Balunzi Twegatte Group, Butale village, Bukoto sub-county, Kabonera

Ms. Nakayiki is involved in vegetable growing, zero grazing. Before NaLIRRI-ASARECA project, group members used to suffer losses due to long droughts, lack of markets for their vegetables, and milk. The quality and quantity of milk was low. The group acquired a solar dryer, under-ground water tank and treadle pump for irrigation of vegetables and watering animals, pasture seed, (lablab ), training on ghee processing and group dynamics and saving.


The group members process and sell their vegetables at competitive prices

With improved animal feeding, the quality and quantity of milk has increased and the group has a milk collection centre, market their milk as a group which earns them higher profits. With increased vegetable and milk production, nutrition has improved in the families and the income from the sale of milk and vegetables has helped them educate their children. Also income generated has also been used to start a saving scheme among the group where members are allowed to borrow at a very low interest.

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