Success Story 4

Ms Nakanjako Janet of Taga-Kasana, Kingo subcounty in Masaka district

She received a zero grazing cow from MAADO. Initially she was using a matchet (panga) to chop elephant grass for her cow. There was a lot of wastage of the grass and very often the panga would cut her fingers in the process of chopping grass for the animal.

The project provided her with a fixed knife forage chopper andher group was trained in making hay from Brachiaria mulato and forage conservation for dry season feeding.

The forage chopper has made work easier, and enabled maximum food utilisationThe group was also provided with an underground water tank for the animals and home use.

Manure from the animals has improved on food production. The farmer has benefitted from various training from project staff. She encourages other farmers to come and learn from her group members so that they too can benefit.

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