Success Story 3

Mr. and Mrs. Daaki Peter, Kitenga village-Kalagala,Mukungwe, Masaka district a member of Akamira Eyiye

Mr Daaki, a retired teacher started practicing zero grazing in 1989 with one local cow which he later exchanged for a Friesian calf. He received training on zero grazing from several NGOs including World Vision, MAADO but still experienced the problem of poor feeding for the animals due to inadequate forage lack of knowledge on fodder preservation.

Project interventions:

The family has received training on aspects dairy and vegetable production; forage seed (Centrocema, Brachiaria, Napier grass that is tolerant to Napier stunt disease and desmodium), underground water tank and treadle pump, a forage chopper and vegetable seeds.

Mr Daaki and a small boy demonstrating the use of a forage chopper


The family has been able to improve household income and nutrition. Mrs. Daaki testified that she earns over Shs 120,000 from a 12 x 30 ft vegetable garden which she produces throughout the year because the family has water for irrigation and applies animal manure. The vegetables are a boost to nutrition in the family.

The farmer has been trained in making multinutrient mineral blocks which he sells to other zero grazers. He is also doing hay and silage conservation. From the animal wastes the farmer is able to set up a biogas plant which provides energy for cooking and lighting. He has constructed a descent house. The income has also helped him educated his children up to University and other institutions of higher learning (3 graduates). He has used acquired income to start other projects e.g. poultry

Capacity building

The local community have appreciated and adopted the technologies especially silage and hay making and storage. Local communities have received and multiplied fodder seed supplied by the farmer thus improving on the local community. He has trained over 100 farmers from the neighboring districts some as far as Mbarara and Bushenyi. The family has gained a lot of publicity in newspaper, magazines (Uganda @ 50 published by monitor), and Television programmes. This has been attributed to their excellent work. The family has been able to renovate their house.

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